1 Minute Message to India ‘Ye Diwali Jawano Ke Naam’ goes Viral

Anshul Saxena's Message 'Ye Diwali Jawano Ke Naam'

It’s been a high time, Pakistan is not ready to mend its way . With in a span of one month more than 25 soldiers got martyred in various acts of cowardice by our neighbour . There’s a sense loss in the mind of people of the country as far as our brave soldiers are concern. Anshul saxena a well known face on social media , known for his informative tweets and unbiased opinions on various issues. In the early morning of 22nd October, he made a very emotional and a very compassionate appeal to every Indian. Actually it’s an one minute earnest request from fellow countrymen to comprehend the valour, grace and utmost sacrifice of a soldier . It goes like this, “Guys, I am Anshul saxena and i have a message for you all, on this Diwali when you will be lighting Diyas in your house, then please don’t forget to light up a diya , for all those brave soldiers , who got martyred for us, who got martyred in Gurdaspur , Pathankot, who got martyred in Pampore , Baramulla, who got martyred in Uri , who got martyred in avalanche of Siachen , who got martyred to safeguard our boundaries . Just because of them, we all gonna celebrate this Diwali but unfortunately their families won’t be celebrating this Diwali , they won’t light up any lamp. Therefore we have to light up one lamp for those brave hearts in hope of secured future of their families and also remembering those Jawans who are on the borders protecting only and only us. So, friends just remember this Diwali is exclusively devoted to our Jawans . ‘Ye Diwali Jawano Ke Naam’ Thank you”.

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This one minute invocation, when he tweeted was taken with open arms by every individual and was all over on twitter like forest fire. Thousands of people heard it and out of sheer enthusiasm shared it on different platforms of social media. Not even that, about 13000 people have heard this message on Anshul Saxena’s Facebook page .
Actually it’s a very unique ,thoughtful and compassionate entreaty that immediately inculcate a feeling of being considerate and proud of our Jawans , it also brings a sense of national consciousness for the supreme sacrifice of a soldier who lays his life on the borders and for those safe guarding us on difficult terrains through various foreign attacks . Also it brings inside us a feeling of care and respect for their families, who are left behind to cry for them and miss them forever . That’s why many on social media are following it now as an inspirational move. Not even this, even Media is also taking it as great idea to do something out of the box this coming Diwali . For example India Tv has also started a similar campaign ‘Diya 4 Shaheed’

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