Yogi Govt keeps election promise, waives farmers loan upto Rs 1 lakh


Yogi Govt organized the first cabinet meeting of his Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday, April 4 in the Chief Minister’s Office in Lucknow. Yogi Govt kept election promise and waives farmers loan.

  • Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh convened its first cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

  • The state government has stamped many important decisions in its first cabinet meeting.

  • The most important decision in the Cabinet meeting has been regarding the debt waiver of the farmers.

  • Yogi Sarkar has approved the debt waiver of nearly 2 crore farmers in the state.

  • According to the verdict, the state government has waived debt of 1 lakh farmers of the state.

  • Significantly 86 lakh farmers of the state will come within the scope of this decision.

  • Roughly 92.5 percent farmers will fit the bill for the announced benefits.

  • This loan waivers will cause an additional 36,359 crore burden on the state coffers.

Also Yogi Govt in their fist Cabinet meeting took the following steps:

  • In the meeting of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the proposal has also been passed to make laws for slaughterhouses.

  • Under the order, 26 slaughterhouses have been closed so far.

  • Sports Complex: The state government has approved the sports complex in its cabinet meeting. It will be made in Ghazipur area of ​​the Sports Complex.

  • Wheat procurement will be done at 5000 purchase centers.

  • Upto 10 rupees per quintal for the support price, transportation and loading will be given to the farmers.

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