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A contemporary new acquire on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision won over critics and followers alike with its unconventional premise, intriguing mystery, and delightfully kitsch sitcom tropes. While suburban everyday living just isn’t what most men and women image when they listen to “Marvel superhero tv show,” Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision’s (Paul Bettany) attempts at living quietly as civilians were just about every little bit as engaging as their battles in opposition to genocidal warlords — in some cases even additional so.

On the other hand, the 9-episode Disney+ series was not with out its concerns. The most quickly distinguished was WandaVision‘s Quicksilver casting bait-and-switch, which not only failed to deliver what it teased but failed to even shell out off in an alternate satisfactory fashion. But there was an even more substantial missed prospect, one which could have considerably improved the clearly show and enriched the MCU.

I am referring, of class, to the characterisation of insidious, perfidious Agatha (Kathryn Hahn).

Originally launched as nosy neighbour Agnes, episode 7 reveals that she is in fact a highly effective witch named Agatha, and has been influencing Wanda’s great globe of trauma from the outset.

In the comics, Agatha Harkness is Wanda’s mentor and at times a supporting superhero in her have suitable. In distinction, WandaVision‘s Agatha is a straight up villain who assaults and manipulates Wanda in an try to steal her ability. Although the sequence at first conceived Agatha as identical to her comedian counterpart, supporting and training Wanda how to deal with her magic, WandaVision altered her into far more of an antagonist . 

Still it would have been easy to make Agatha an antagonist although nevertheless trying to keep her as Wanda’s mentor. Executing so would have also presented Agatha a powerful inspiration, turned her into a a lot more sympathetic and partaking character, and strengthened the collection all in just one fell swoop. All Marvel had to do was switch Agatha’s lies into the fact.

When we flash back again to Agatha’s previous in WandaVision‘s penultimate episode, we find out that she was accused of training dim magic and attacked by her possess coven all through the Salem witch trials. Although Agatha originally pleads her innocence, proclaiming she basically can’t regulate her magic and requires assistance, this is speedily unveiled as a lie when she deliberately murders her whole coven with no regret.

But if Agatha experienced been telling the fact and truly couldn’t handle her electrical power, the entire narrative variations. Instead than a ruthless villain, Agatha will become an inexperienced young witch who will not realize her individual magic and inadvertently leads to harm because of it — just like Wanda.

This modify would have supplied Agatha a reasonable drive for confronting Wanda other than only craving energy for power’s sake. If Agatha herself experienced unintentionally killed individuals because of to her deficiency of handle, then used centuries living with the pain of it and finding out how to deal with this sort of potent magic, it would make perception that she’d intervene to cease a further powerful but untrained witch from repeating background. 

A need to help you save both Wanda and the citizens of Westview would be a justifiable incentive for Agatha to try confiscating Wanda’s electrical power — and would offer WandaVision with the it aimed for.

The actual hero was Agatha all along.

Building the fatalities of Agatha’s coven an accident would have also turned WandaVision into a further, far more nuanced exploration of grief. 

“We were being quite very clear that the large negative is grief,” head author and govt producer Jac Schaeffer informed Mashable. “And then the exterior poor is Agatha.”

But WandaVision only supplies a single viewpoint of grief: Wanda’s. It could have quickly made both of those Wanda and Agatha every single other’s exterior negative even though simultaneously examining the effect of grief above time, and the way different people handle it.

Whilst Wanda was grappling with her fairly new decline, mourning equally Vision and the lifetime they could have experienced, Agatha would have now lived several lifetimes with the grief of getting rid of her personal spouse and children — as effectively as the guilt and regret of causing their deaths. She would have experienced time to system it, and it would have changed who she was by the time she met Wanda. 

To Agatha, Wanda would be a unpleasant reminder of her past errors. To Wanda, Agatha would be a foreboding glimpse at her possible upcoming.

A lonely, guilt-wracked Agatha might have even entertained the idea that she could use Wanda’s electricity to revive her coven, further strengthening her solve to take Wanda’s magic. After all, even Monica explained that she’d bring her mom again if she had Wanda’s electrical power.

Therefore, in its place of staying a shallow villain, Agatha could have been one more sophisticated example of like persevering.

Who's been messing up everything? Wanda. It was Wanda.

Who’s been messing up everything? Wanda. It was Wanda.

Each Agatha and Wanda would have experienced a lot more depth if they have been each individual permitted to be an anti-hero and anti-villain respectively. 

The MCU might normally situation Wanda as a sympathetic hero, but she straight up tortures Westview’s people all through WandaVision. Trapping individuals inside of their very own minds and forcing them to act out roles for her isn’t really extremely heroic, to put it mildly. 

Even if you argue Wanda’s steps experienced at first been accidental, she certainly realized what she was executing when she trapped Agatha for the duration of the series finale. Regardless of the actuality that Agatha was her enemy, eliminating a person’s no cost will is 1 of the cruellest matters you can do, and Wanda did it with a smirk.

Meanwhile, “significant terrible” Agatha attempted to end Wanda, and confirmed her what her grief was in fact executing to everyone all over her. Wanda was not a hero in WandaVision, and Agatha shouldn’t have been a villain.

Creating the viewers realise they have been cheering for the objectively negative dude would have manufactured fantastic sense, as perfectly as been a new twist in the MCU. WandaVision was nonetheless an pleasurable, progressive display that gave us a nearer seem at some of Marvel’s beloved superheroes. It is just a disgrace it did not push by itself a very small little bit further more.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney+.

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