Close to 15 California condors — a person of the greatest traveling birds remaining on Earth — a short while ago conquered a Southern California woman’s porch. The imposing, however quite endangered, birds knocked above planters and threw factors asunder. 

“Over the weekend ~15 California condors descended on my mothers home and completely trashed her deck. They still have not left,” the Southern California homeowner’s daughter, Seana Quintero, tweeted on Could 4. “Sucks but also this is unheard of, there is only 160 of these birds traveling free in the state and a flock of them resolved to get started a war with my mother.” (Mother, whilst understandably frustrated, also recognizes this is an amazing event.)

Numerous Californians are living in condor state, however the vultures numbers are so several, they are not effortlessly spotted in the wild. But California condors, with an above 9-foot wingspan, the moment dominated the land in the course of the final ice age, with a range extending across most of North The united states. They feasted on the continues to be of huge ice age creatures, like mammoths. But when these colossal mammals died out some 10,000 a long time in the past, the vultures’ range shrank down to the Southwest and coastal Pacific locations (nevertheless a substantial swath of land). Sooner or later, individuals decimated the after-dominant species: By 1982, only 23 condors remained.

Right now, the condors are basically reemerging in their indigenous lands.

“… [the] home is located in historic condor habitat exactly where natural foodstuff resources come about…however they sometimes perceive properties and decks as ideal perch spots,” the U.S Fish and Wildlife Provider tweeted in response to the viral condor posts.

The huge condors traveling from their perch.


The agency mentioned the condors as endangered in 1967. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife describes that early Western settlers “typically shot, poisoned, captured, and disturbed the condors, collected their eggs, and lowered their meals provide of antelope, elk, and other significant wild animals.” The condor population, unsurprisingly, plummeted.

The condors, whose wild population has little by little increased to all-around 160 birds right after intense and still ongoing conservation initiatives, aren’t conveniently shooed absent. “They don’t have to depart her house but go away the home on your own,” tweeted Quintero. “They continue to keep hanging out on her roof and railings messing with stuff and pooping everywhere.”

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Need to anybody else have giant vultures descend upon their residence, the Fish and Wildlife Service suggests “drinking water hoses, yelling, clapping, shouting or using other preventative steps these as scarecrow sprinklers.” (A spray with a hose seemed to work, tentatively, in this case.)

Welcome back, you superb beasts.

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