A year after the Versa 2 came out, Fitbit produced the Versa 3, an updated model of their very first growth into the smartwatch market. 

I have been a person of quite a few Fitbit gadgets, which include both Versa trackers. Above the many years, I’ve appear to take pleasure in the way Fitbit turns piles of well being data into graphs and charts on their app with no overly complicating it. It is easy to see why Fitbit devices stay so well-liked though much more sophisticated and in-depth wearables keep on to be released.

The Versa line offers users the possibility to use the Fitbit platform with the ease of a check out that can also be applied to enjoy music or invest in a coffee. But although the Versa 2 and Versa 3 are strikingly comparable, there are a handful of updates and dissimilarities amongst the two that could possibly figure out which machine you sway to.

Fitbit Versa 2 vs. Versa 3 characteristics

Some of the most distinguishing attributes come down to the system itself — although the dissimilarities are small.

The general look: Look-sensible, the Versa 3 is recognizable sleeker. The band is smoother and clasps on in a far more streamlined way. It not only weighs somewhat significantly less than the Versa 2, but the facet button of the Versa 2 has been replaced with a touch-kind button that wants to be squeezed in purchase to push. Though it does search nicer, the current button is more challenging to press, and I’m not sure it’s truly worth the tradeoff. In general, the Versa 3 has a much more pleasing look as a smartwatch, but the difference is slight. If you’re seeking for a lot more colorways, Versa 3 has a pair additional alternatives.

Charger: The charger for the Versa 3 is current, far too — rather of clipping on to the watch encounter as the Versa 2 does, the Versa 3 charger is more compact and magnetically grips on to the machine. In this circumstance, the structure change is welcomed.

Battery existence: Fortuitously, the battery lifestyle for equally is remarkable, and they can equally last up to 6 days dependent on usage (I was capable to go quite a few times ahead of I even considered about recharging). They equally also cost up swiftly, and they can go from % to 100% in just a few of several hours. The Versa 3 does have 1 massive brag right here nevertheless as it can acquire a day’s really worth of battery in just 12 minutes.

Fitbit application integration: The practical experience of utilizing the Fitbit application is the same for both of those devices. Using the trackers is similar, also, from the glance of the display to the out there display screen selections. Rest monitoring, coronary heart rate monitoring, and more are not distinct concerning the units.

Where by the Fitbit Versa 3 stands out

Two major updates to the Versa 3 could be what can help you make a decision to update — or not. 

Fitbit Versa 3 has a created-in microphone and GPS.

Ability to response phone calls instantly: The Versa 3 has a crafted-in speaker and microphone that will allow you to respond to calls from your device. Your mobile phone nevertheless wants to physically be close by, but the option to have cell phone phone calls from your wrist may well be pleasing to some. Even though your cellphone has to be around you, it is a whole lot less difficult than digging your cell phone out of your pocket or purse when a get in touch with comes by way of. You nonetheless simply cannot reply to textual content messages on possibly the Versa 2 or 3, though. The best you can do (and only if you’re an Android person) is reply using personalized quick replies.

Built-in GPS: Though the Versa 2 relies on your cellphone for GPS, the Versa 3 has its individual built-in GPS. I convey my mobile phone on operates (and in all places else actually), so the created-in GPS does not modify my regimen in any way. But if you like to untether your self from your cellphone though biking or operating, the Versa 3 could possibly be a far better alternative for you. The Versa 3 specially can make sense for swimmers who want to keep track of length by way of GPS while leaving their cellular phone on dry land.

Is the Versa 3 truly worth the upgrade selling price?

The Versa 2 sells for $179.95, though the Versa 3 expenses $229.95. Depending on your budget, the $50 change could possibly not be a element. But if you are questioning regardless of whether you require to obtain some added revenue to splurge on the Versa 3, the reply is not necessarily. You can have just as good an expertise with the Versa 2 as a health tracker and simple smartwatch. 

If you don’t treatment about designed-in GPS or a sleeker glimpse: Go with the Fitbit Versa 2

Certain, you will will need to retain your cell phone on you to monitor distance and you will not be able to remedy cell phone calls, but if all those are not crucial to you, the other minimal improvements aren’t ample for me to say it’s truly worth the expense.

If you want additional capabilities and can expend $50 much more: Go with the Fitbit Versa 3

With that reported, the Versa 3’s average value, extra functions, and smartwatch look make it the general winner. Although the updates might not be essential for each user, the created-in GPS alone helps make the Versa 3 a way additional easy choice for phoneless distance exercise sessions. 

Either way, the Fitbit’s Versa line of wearables is a stable selection for your health and health and fitness tracking.

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