The Brood X cicadas, at least in pieces of the United States, are freaking all over the place. Even the president himself simply cannot escape the noisy bugs’ wrath. 

President Joe Biden deftly swatted one of the critters that dive-bombed his neck on tv on Wednesday. Here is the movie of Biden slapping the bug as he organized to board Air Force 1 to embark on a journey to Europe.

The cicada-swatting incident took location at Joint Foundation Andrews in Maryland. As another person who not long ago expended major time in the D.C./Maryland spot, I can properly say the cicadas are at present at degree holy crap. They blanket the floor, alive, useless, squished. Or they’re buzzing in your facial area, landing on your shirt as thousands and thousands of their pals emit a frequent, echoing hum. The bugs are, on the other hand, completely harmless. They don’t chunk or sting and generally just buzz all over aimlessly. 

Biden even joked with the push, “Observe out for the cicadas, I just bought just one.” 

The push, nonetheless, ended up getting a far even worse encounter with the bugs. The airplane set to carry White Household push to Europe was grounded mainly because of cicadas.

The aircraft couldn’t fly following the bugs induced a mechanical issue, evidently right after flying into an motor. The push remained grounded for some 7 hours right before a substitution aircraft arrived.

Individuals dang bugs are relentless. 

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