The China Countrywide Space Agency shared a charming group image on Friday of its Zhurong rover and accompanying lander on Mars. 

The pair introduced a smaller digital camera alongside for the seven-month journey from Earth to Mars, and soon after settling in, Zhurong drove about 10 meters south of their landing zone, introduced the wi-fi digicam from its stomach, drove again, and posed for the portrait. 

The full portrait of Zhurong and its lander demonstrates the landing zone on the rust-coloured planet Mars.

Picture: china nationwide house company

Zhurong touched down on the Martian floor aboard the lander on Could 15 right after investing three months circling the planet with the Tianwen-1 orbiter. People a few months authorized the CNSA to review the area and choose a good flat location to land on and check out.

Alongside with taking enjoyment images of alone and the bordering landscape, Zhurong’s mission is to research for signs of past life as nicely as pockets of subterranean ice deposits, which could show practical in foreseeable future crewed missions to the crimson world. Zhurong carries numerous scientific instruments that will enable it review rocks, the neighborhood environment, and the subsurface composition.

An image captured by Zhurong focuses on the dusty, rocky surface of Mars near its landing zone, with a hint of some dunes further out toward the horizon.

An image captured by Zhurong focuses on the dusty, rocky area of Mars in the vicinity of its landing zone, with a trace of some dunes even more out toward the horizon.

Image: china nationwide house agency

Zhurong is discovering the southern stop of the Utopia Planitia, a broad extend of volcanic land in Mars’ northern hemisphere. It can be about 1,000 miles east of exactly where NASA’s Perseverance rover is checking out.

The Tianwen-1 orbiter that Zhurong traveled with remains in orbit. It’s analyzing the planet’s environment, mapping the geography and topography of the area, and even peering into the inside of Mars with radar. 

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