Cow urine is bad for the atmosphere. Higher in nitrogen, the urine breaks down into nitrous oxide and nitrate – amid the substances that lead to world warming.

In quite a few sections of the environment, cows are remaining to graze outside and the nitrate urine can seep into and contaminate h2o sources this kind of as rivers, lakes, underwater aquifers, and far more, resulting in excessive progress of algae and other damaging weeds.

When the urine will come in contact with soil, it breaks down into nitrous oxide, which can lure warmth 300 periods far more successfully than carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxide happens in quite small quantities naturally, but as demand from customers for meat boosts, and more cattle are reared to feed that need, the contribution of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere from the meat field grows considerably. Agriculture accounts for above 60 p.c of nitrous oxide emissions around the environment.

On the other hand, if cattle are contained in a shut enclosure, ammonia can type when combined with cow feces. As a result, more than the many years, researchers have hunting to find a remedy to the trouble.

The resolution would seem to have arrived from scientists at the Federal Research Institute for Animal Well being and Investigation Institute for Farm Animal Biology, Germany. In a paper printed in the journal Current Biology, researchers have outlined how they ended up effective in training cows to urinate in a certain area.

Making use of behavioral psychology, they properly trained calves to urinate in a selected region by reinforcing the conduct with preferential procedure. Related to the way canines are trained, the calves have been put inside a pen and handled effectively when they urinated inside the pen. Afterward, they had been put outdoors the pen and dealt with preferentially for the moment again getting into the pen and urinating.

They also discouraged the calves from urinating in the alley by mildly spraying them with drinking water.

The scientists have explained that within a 15-day training period a person in 7 calves discovered to urinate in just the pen.

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