The New Path | Humans and Feline (Podcast The New Path)

On the ninth episode of The New Route, host Prasenjit Das speaks to four distinctive individuals, who share one particular widespread issue i.e. their appreciate for cats and highlight how they noticed others and themselves setting up to interact with stray cats because of lockdown. —————————————————————————————————————————– Let us find out how the humans reacted when these creatures bought nearer to […]

The Best Tech Podcasts (That Aren’t ‘Reply All’)

So your preferred tech podcast just imploded following two beloved figures were accused of an anti-union drive that contributed to a workplace lifestyle that discriminated versus colleagues of colour. Now what? At the time of publication, Reply All is continue to on indefinite hiatus. Immediately after their modern Bon App├ętit series delving into the company’s unfair treatment of marginalized staff […]

The New Path | The Womaniya (Podcast The New Path)

In the very initially episode of The New Route, host Prasenjit Das talks to filmmaker turned entrepreneur Kuldeep Jatwa. Kuldeep founded The Womaniya following a minimal brainstorming with a group of filmmakers to help individuals from the reduced strata of the society who had been monetarily influenced by Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown in 2020. They understood there is a […]